The Taurlin Group is a private equity partnership seeking to purchase midsize corporate divisions and privately held companies. Our principals have extensive operations and management consulting experience at both small and large companies.   Prior to, during and following a transaction, Taurlin will work closely with management and owners to ensure the ongoing health of the business and to add real value to its operations.
Taurlin invests in stable companies as well as companies in transition. Examples of transition include: 

 • Family ownership to management ownership 

 • Owner-operator management structure to a broader management team 

 • Old technology to new technology 

 • Domestic production to international sourcing 

If you own, manage or advise a company which you believe may be ready for a change in ownership, we would enjoy speaking with you about it. The Taurlin Group is seeking companies with a minimum of $1 million in cash flow and up to $80 million in annual sales. 

For more information about The Taurlin Group and our investment criteria, we encourage you to contact us